find out how we fly

Submitted by blindflightsimmer on Wed, 02/17/2021 - 14:36

You will find some information about how we fly in this section, but it is not a comprehensive guide. This website is still relatively new and so we expect more articles with information to be published. You can find some above. We also encourage you to gain further information by getting involved with our projects in the contact us section if you are new. Below is a list of the basic addons we use, along with our screen reading soft where NVDA of course:

Talking flight monitor- a free where program that reads instrumentation, can interface with autopilots, gives closest city information and will work with pay where aircraft like PMDG in the future. It can be found at


Fs Tramp: until Talking Flight monitor is able to work as a full FMC, us blind pilots use this autopilot addon to fly our aircraft.


We use the FSX or P3D simulators, which have an accessible interface for us to load aircraft, select airports ETC with screen-readers like NVDA or Jaws for windows.