some of the best aircraft for fsx and P3D

Each aircraft has a link to download and suggestions for soundpacks. These aircraft have been tested with FS tramp version 8.40 and above, but we cannot ensure they will work with newer versions since the developer is uncooperative and liable to make unwanted changes. We ask you to use the autoland gauge with these aircraft which will be covered in another article, this will help you land. 


Airbus A300:

Turbine sound studios paid soundpack   recommended


 Airbus A318/319/320/321:

Free skyhigh soundpack recommended for both engine types:

Note the autoland gauge comes with this plane automatically.  


Airbus A320 Neo:

K-akai FT Sim soundpack recommended, note you may have to become a patron to download this. His website is at:


 A330 200 and A330-300 pack:

Note: This plane comes with models by two developers, only one flies well. In your airplanes folder, the only ones you want are the A330-200 OP and A330-300 OP. Remove the rest.

K-akai sounds recommended, or tss paid.




TSS soundpack recommended. 



Note: you need to pay attention to your payload on this plane, if you overload or imbalance it you will struggle to climb. Climb slowly when heavy.

Skysong soundworks soundpack recommended, at:


Airbus A380:

Note: this is a big package and comes with lots of liveries, as a blind user you only need to copy one of them to the airplanes folder.

Soundpacks are good by default


ATR 72 terbo prop:

Note: this plane has no auto throttle. You are completely on your own with managing airspeed. Experienced users only.


Boeing 737-300:

HJG simulations soundpack recommended (follow the link and go down to row 32):





recommended free soundpack for the 737-700, 800 and 900:

other soundpacks for the 737 include skysong, TSS and k-akai, you can search through these in your own time


Boeing 737 max:

good by default



Comes with all three engine types.

TSS recommended for the general electrics. K-akai recommended for the roles-roice. Default or other sounds will work too.



Recommended soundpacks: tss or k-akai.


Boeing 757:

This package contains all variants

Roles roice soundpack  recommended, skyhigh free pack to be found at:


Boeing 767:

Free skihigh pack recommended at:


Boeing 777-200 ER:

Free skyhigh soundpack recommended:


777 300 ER:


Boeing 787:

Comes with soundpack configured 


CRJ 200/700/900/1000:

Paid aircraft recommended:

TSS soundpack recommended


Dash 8 Q400 terbo prop:

K-akai soundpack recommended.

Note: this aircraft has no auto throttle, so you're completely on your own with managing speed. Experienced users only.


Embraer 145 regional jet:

paid Skysong soundpack recommended:

Note: this plane does not have an auto throttle. You will need to idle the throttles on your own for landing, so use control R to turn off airspeed hold. Also be sure to shallow out the VS before reaching top of clime, this thing takes a while to level out. 


Embraer 170/175, 190/195

Paid Skysong soundpack recommended:



Free skyhigh soundpack recommended,:


Citation CJ4:

paid aircraft:

this is for p3d v4, other fsx version available. nice smaller jet.



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